SNIFF and GO Sat March 17, 2018

Get your practice runs & feedback from scent work judges and advanced competitors

Obedience Club of Daytona - 1276 8th St, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

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$5 per run, as many runs as you like

Reserve a window of time for your runs below

Day of walk-ins accepted

Payment due at check in

Please arrive 30 min before your reserved time window


Handler Discrimination - Novice

Buried - Novice Advanced

Interior - Novice Advanced Excellent

Container - Novice Advanced Excellent

Exterior - Novice Advanced Excellent


8am - Building opens

9am - Runs begin

4pm - Last run

Indoor crating & water is available.

More Details

  • Handler Discrimination - Bring glove or sock with your scent in plastic baggie.
  • Buried - Novice & advanced nested: 8 tubs; birch 2", anise 4" Time 3min.
  • Interior - Novice & advanced nested: 3' height, 1 non-food distractor.
  • Containers - Advanced & excellent nested: 20 containers, 2 non-food distractors. Time 3min.
  • Exteriors - Advanced & excellent nested: 3 1/2' height, 2 non-food distractors.
  • Searches can be done with or without knowing hide and distractor location.
  • Nested classes can have upper level hide removed from area.
  • All dogs will be worked to source if requested.
  • Completion ribbons and judge score sheets w time provided.

How Reservations Work

In an effort to prevent long waits for handlers and dogs you have the option to reserve a time window within which to run. We strongly recommend reserving your runs using the form below, but we will have some runs available each hour for walk-ins. Be aware that you might have to wait before you can run. Each element + level combination is considered an individual run. For example if you were to run handler discrimination novice, container novice and container advanced that would be 3 runs. There is no limit on the number of runs you can reserve and payment will be due when you arrive at check in.

Reserve Your Runs

Slot Time
Runs Available
Number of Runs
9-10 AM
10-11 AM
11-12 PM
12-1 PM
1-2 PM
2-3 PM
3-4 PM
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